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Massage Chair FAQ

  • The design of the back roller track varies, and is either an S-Track or an L-Track massage chair.
    S-Track: The 'S' in S-Track stands for “sinusoidal”, which is generally considered a wave pattern. These roller tracks follow the curve of the spine, moving up and down from the neck to the lower back.
    L-Track: L Track massage chairs work the same way as S Tracks, but extend further down toward the lower body. An S-Track massage chair will only go as far down as your lower back, but an L-Track will travel down to the back of your legs.
  • An L-Track is an extension of the S-Track, and can massage more areas of your body. Massage chairs with S-Track designs may be a little more affordable, but they won’t give you as much body coverage. If you’re looking for a massage chair to help your lower back, hamstrings or glutes, you’ll want to select an L-Track.
  • They describe the motion of the rollers themselves.

    2D - Massage Rollers move Up/Down and Sideways.

    3D - Massage Rollers move Up/Down, Sideways, and In/Out.

    4D - Same as 3D but you can control each indicidual massage head

  • For a massage that most closely replicates a human-touch, a 3D or 4D massage chair will be your best bet.
  • The massage rollers will be able to identify and target your unique pressure points by adjusting and tailoring the rollers to your body.
  • Bluetooth allows you to wirelessly connect to the speakers in the chair to enjoy music or guided meditation.
  • Zero Gravity is a technique that extends your knees and elevates them above your heart, creating a sense of weightlessness that also helps with spinal decompression.
  • White Glove delivery is required for all Massage Chairs. White Glove delivery typically includes inside delivery, removal of packaging materials, and setup. A delivery date/time is coordinated by the manufacturer with the customer within 3-5 business days of purchase. White Glove Delivery fees are nonrefundable and when initiating a return with the massage chair manufacturer, the customer will be charged a return label fee which will be deducted from their refund.