Glo910 Anti Cellulite Massager With Phototherapy and 4 Massage Heads

Glo910 Anti Cellulite Massager With Phototherapy and 4 Massage Heads

"You no longer have excuses if you want to achieve the best version of yourself,. With this massager you can perform a daily stimulation mobilizing toxins and accumulated fat, and it is perfect for fighting cellulite. It has a technology that stimulates the creation of collagen. Use it every day for 15 or 20 minutes... et voilá!" - ELLE Magazine

Glo910 is a powerful non-invasive skincare Technobeauty device that combats cellulite and evens out fatty deposits, giving you gorgeous, radiant skin. Scientifically proven by NASA studies, infrared light therapy accelerates skin renewal by 200%.

The powerful massage acts on the deeper layers of the skin where cellulite develops, breaking down fatty deposits even in the the hardest areas to treat, including your belly and butt. Designed in EU with love, by women for women. 15 min/day, results in 4 weeks!!

The deep massage provided by the powerful motor helps drain fluid, reducing tightness and puffiness caused by fluid retention.

Phototherapy helps to regenerate collagen bringing youthful elasticity to your skin.

Thanks to its draining action, toxins are released and removed, helping your legs become less swollen and more slender.

Clinically Tested
- 4 Massage Heads
- Includes: 1 Anti-cellulite massage device, 1 Head for dry exfoliation, 1 Head for gentle exfoliation, 1 Head to break fat, 1 Head for lymphatic drainage, 1 bag