Yana Sleep Pillow

Natural Latex

The Yana Sleep Pillow is a luxury, organic U-shaped pillow that wraps around your body & contours to your curves, so you can fall asleep feeling held & wake up feeling transformed.

Relax as Yana wraps around your body & contours to your curves, providing support wherever you need it most. Choose between natural latex fill or latex-free natural cooling gel– both can be customized to your desired fullness and hold their shape night after night. Yana is more supportive than other body pillows on the market today and can be tied in a decorative knot for compact storage when not in useYana comes with a removable pillow cover that makes laundering a breeze.

Cooling Features
Sensitive skin? Night sweats? Organic cotton & bamboo velour keep you cool & comfortable until morning.

Tension Relief
Feeling tight in knees or joints? Relax into full-body support, made from shredded latex that keeps its shape, night after night.

High Quality. Low Maintenance.
A pillow that can do both? Yana combines an all-natural fill with a double-sided, removable, washable cover.

Made for You. Fits With Two.
Yana fits comfortably in a queen bed with 1 to 2 people. Great for cuddling or savoring your space.