REI Foot Calf Lumbar Ottoman Massager


The REI by Synca Wellness is the worlds most advanced and innovative foot + calf massager - merging design, function, and massage therapy into one product. Sitting in your home it seamlessly blends in and looks like just any other ottoman you may have in your living room, it’s just another piece of furniture. When you simply lift-up the lid by the Synca tag it transforms into a foot and calf massager with a wireless lumbar massage in seconds. The Foot and Calf section has a kickstand underneath at the front to tilt the angle of the massager into a more ergonomic angle for you to slide your legs into, the foot and calf section is engineered to effortlessly allow you to fit up to a mens size 13. The wireless massager you can set behind you to use to massage your lumbar or you can have it sit on your lap to massage your thighs.

The REI features every available foot and calf massage technology on the market – Foot Roller, Vibration, Shiatsu Massage, Gua Sha, Reflexology, Compression, Infrared Heat Therapy and more. Select from the 3 massage courses and 3 unique massage strengths to dial in the perfect foot and calf massage experience to massage away the aches in your feet after a long day. When you’re done simply put the lid back on the REI and enjoy your new ottoman! The REI is simple to set-up, simply plug it in and you’re ready to go, and the fact its light weight makes it easy to move around your house. It plugs into any standard 110-volt outlet with its power adapter (included).

The REI is made with premium grade cotton-like grey fabric, foam, and a plastic housing keeping it lightweight. The fact the REI is made with premium components means its built to last and you’re also covered by the Synca Wellness rock solid 1 year warranty in case something does happen. When your REI is delivered to you everything you need will be in the box – massager, wireless lumbar massager, power cord, warranty card, add-in foot inserts, and an owners’ manual.

- 3 Massage Courses and 3 Unique Massage Strengths
- Heat and Vibration Therapy
- Converts from Ottoman to Foot+Calf+Lumbar Massager
- Foot Roller + Vibration + Compression
Robotic Shiatsu Calf Massager
Heat (Foot + Lumbar)
- 31.5 lbs

- Dimensions: 8.75x18.25x18.75in.

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