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Tips on finding the best massage chair for your needs

With so many brands and styles of massage chairs, it can be tough to decipher the differences. Let's start with understanding the basics. This guide will walk you through the key facets of your decision making including programs, features, health benefits, and a peak at our top sellers.

Let's get started!

What is a massage chair?

Massage therapy has been in existence for thousands of years, dating as far back as ancient Greek and Egyptian times. It is believed to address the same issues it does now - anxiety, pain, injuries, stress, increase relaxation, improve one's mood, lower blood pressure, and more.
Massage has many styles and techniques, including acupressure, reflexology, shiatsu, and deep tissue. These forms are featured in our massage chairs. The first modern massage chair appeared around the 1950s, made with a wheel and crank. Now, thanks to technology, we can electronically control the chairs by adjusting them to our liking.
Now, let's take a closer look at the features offered in our massage chairs

Massage chair features

Zero gravity recline
Foot & Calf
Body scan technology
Space saving
Bluetooth & app functionality
Adjustable intensity

Shopping for your perfect chair

When choosing your dream massage chair, one should consider all features and what purpose your chair needs to serve you so that you can be fully satisfied with your purchase. It is important to consider which options are most important to you. Is there perhaps an area of your body that needs more attention? Pay attention to the techniques and programs available, which we will cover in more depth below.

Health benefits

Massages go beyond a relaxing experience. The number of benefits to receiving a regular massage is nearly endless. Contrary to what many believe, massage therapy is not just for athletes. It can aid anyone with headaches, anxiety, stress-related aches. Studies have found that massages can also regulate blood pressure and speed up injury recoveries. In other words, you can experience a nice massage aligned with an improved quality of lite.
Back pain
Inversion therapy
Music therapy

wellness with long-term value

When you're buying a massage chair, the quality of your investment is going to play a role in your decision. We want you to know the real long-term value of purchasing a massage chair versus paying for regular massages. Here are some facts for you to review.
Massage Therapists vs massage chair

Massage Therapists vs. Massage Chair

An entry-level massage usually costs about one dollar per minute. When compared to upscale locations, the price will begin to increase substantially. Coupons and advertisement rates help, but they tend to disappear as you become a loyal customer. And don’t forget about that gratuity cost per session.

The first five to ten minutes of a massage are usually spent trying to relax, meaning that the true massage doesn’t really begin until about fifteen minutes in. This makes your one-hour massage more like a forty-five-minute massage. If you’re going in several times a month (as recommended by experts) you're really not getting the most from your time and money.

On the other hand, a massage chair’s price can be as easy as a one-time payment, depending on your payment options. You can then enjoy the massage chair anytime, without any appointment or any additional costs. Talk about getting your money’s worth.

Foot & Calf Massage

A user favorite, the foot, and calf massage features are most commonly found in the larger massage chairs. There’s nothing better than a nice evening massage after a long day of being on your feet. Many can be adjusted for the placement and intensity that better suits your needs. These massagers can work away aches and increase circulation to your lower extremities. Step into a chair and let it ease the foot pain away.


When heat and massage combine, they work in unison to provide a better experience. The duo improves blood flow circulation which helps rid the body of built-up toxins. Heated massage also helps improve muscle flexibility. It also helps with certain medical issues such as Arthritis and deep tissue injuries. Experience the magic of warmth while the knots are worked out of your back.

Airbag Massage

Airbag Compression is a system built into the chair that uses compression to alleviate stiffness and circulation. It can also help the lymphatic system remove toxins from the body. The intensity level can usually be adjusted to target the areas you want to be worked on.

Air Massagers VS. Other Techniques

Airbags offer a compression massage, while regular massagers use rollers that knead, roll, or tap. Airbags perform by inflating and deflating in the targeted area. Its speed and quantity of inflation determine its intensity.

Body Scan Technology

This is the most accurate and precise massage tech. It is personalized to your body size and shape. Body scan utilizes sensors and innovative technology to register the accurate shape of each user. This way, the rollers can be customized to target your needs. The intensity and placement can still be adjusted should any changes be needed. As a standard feature in today’s chairs, you’d be hard-pressed to miss out on this technology.

Space Saving

Space-saving shrinks the amount of space you need to fully recline a massage chair. The technology is helpful when you don’t have much room around you or want to keep the massage chair closer to a wall.

While some chairs only require a few inches to recline, others still need about a foot, so it is highly recommended you purchase a chair with the space-saving feature should you have limited space.

Bluetooth & App Functionality

With the new area of technology, it was only a matter of time before manufacturers started adding Bluetooth capabilities to their massage chairs. Many of these chairs already come with built-in speakers, making the opportunity to sync a next-level experience. Some of these perks include listening to your favorite podcasts, audiobooks, or music while you sit back and relax.

One of the most interesting perks of syncing smart devices to your chair is Sync Massage. The technique allows you to enjoy a massage that matches the music’s beats for a fully immersive experience. More customization options can be found through an app. Most modern chairs can be controlled through an app offered on Android or iPhone. Simply download the app and pair it with your new chair to get started.

Adjustable Intensity

Let’s face it, the average person isn't always going to want the same type of massage every single day. We need options including adjustable intensity, position, speed, and massage length time. Most chairs on the market today allow you to adjust all of these options and more so you can get the right massage that reflects your daily needs.

Intensity levels vary from brand to brand. Some are built to be different or more intense than the human touch while others are lighter and are meant to soothe without reaching deep tissue areas. Luckily, the intensity level can be adjusted to give you exactly what you want.

Swedish Massage

This is the most popular type of massage. It is recommended for those who are new to massages or have a medium pain tolerance. The technique involves longer massage strokes that warm the muscle and release tension which breaks up the knots. Health benefits include pain relief and improved circulation. In massage chairs, this style can be found under the Relax or Sleep function. Most people can enjoy an easy-going Swedish massage before bedtime.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage style is a step above the Swedish massage. Deep Tissue massages do what their name suggests - targets deeper muscle and connective tissue. It is especially helpful at treating chronically tense areas or contracted muscles such as the neck, back, and shoulders. While Deep Tissue massages are meant to aid in relaxation, they do tend to be more on the intense side, and therefore probably better off for those with higher pain tolerance.


Reflexology is used to improve relaxation and ease foot tension. The function is found in the footrest and adds to your overall massage experience.

This massage style is solely performed on the feet by delivering pressure to specific areas that are believed to correlate with the release of endorphins. Endorphins are natural pain relievers that reduce stress.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu translates to “finger pressure” and the technique involves stretching, pressure, and rotating for a full-body restoration effect. In this way, Shiatsu is often compared with acupressure. It helps reduce stress and muscle pain and tightness.

Shiatsu is based on the idea that your life energy flows through your body through different channels. The ancient belief is that when you feel pain in a specific area, that energy channel may be blocked. Shiatsu is meant to relieve the blocks and provide a refreshing massage.

Junetsu Massage

Junetsu is the Japanese word for “ultra-fine kneading.” The technique is a Panasonic massage chair exclusive that consists of a technique that follows one-second circular, thumb-like motions used by professional massage therapists. Junetsu is good at quickly loosening up any tight muscles and reverberating down through connecting muscles.

This style is recommended for those who prefer kneading but want a more localized massage. The motions help relieve stress fast by moving quickly to revitalize the muscles. Junetsu is a good way to start your day.

Tapping massage

Tapping massage is a beneficial way to remove stiffness, promote circulation, and even break up scar tissue. It is often referred to as a Percussion massage by its series of rapid strokes that stimulate the muscles and connective tissue. People often say it feels like you’re being drummed on.

Kneading Massage

Kneading massages lift and stretch the muscles to relieve tension and soreness. It also promotes improved blood and lymph circulation. Kneading can also help move vital nutrients to the spinal area while eliminating toxins from muscle and nerve tissue.

Massage chairs perform kneading by moving in small circular motions on both sides of your spine. Most massage chairs have a Kneading massage option, which is also known as a grasping style. It reaches those hard-to-reach areas of the neck using 3D rollers.

Vibration Massage

Vibration Massage is an effective method for improving circulation relieving soreness. Massage chairs perform this technique by using vibration plates -typically found in the seat. They provide a vibration massage with adjustable intensity.

Rolling Massage

Rolling massages focus on the muscles right next to the spine. The rollers apply constant pressure as they glide up and down the back. The typically very tight muscles are then warmed and loosened in order to prepare you for a full massage.

Stretch Massage

This is a great way to remove knots in muscles as well as loosen any tight muscles that may be bothering you. Most massage chairs use a built-in airbag system to strategically hold you in place and help you get in that must-needed deep stretch. Stretch massage also helps relax and prepare your body for a deeper massage. Most people know these massages for helping them crack their back.

Compression/Squeeze Massage

A Compression or Squeeze massage alleviates tension in the hips and thighs. The massage chair inflates airbags near the hip area and squeezes different sections. This technique aids in relieving stress and joint pain.

If there are airbags offered in a massage chair, this is a technique you can count on receiving.


Accessibility is the next most important thing to consider next to cost. Your average spa or massage location is only open for a limited time, and by the time you call to book an appointment, the time you want may be taken.

Another issue is that massages vary from masseur to masseur. Unless you have a set person, the experience could be different every time.

The issues above are instantly solved by having a massage chair in your home. You can enjoy a session whenever you want, rest assured that the massage chair will deliver high-quality relief, every time. No more having to commute, or figure out how you're going to get into a schedule.

Back Pain

Massages are a non-invasive and very low-risk therapy for most people, making them a great relief aid for back pain. Not only does massage have its many physical benefits, but it has also been shown to assist psychologically by increasing the production of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals.

In addition to physical benefits, certain types of massage have also been shown to assist psychologically through relaxation and the increased production of the body’s feel-good chemicals, endorphins. This is helpful for those with one-time or long-term back injuries and pain.


Chromotherapy is also known as color therapy. It is an alternative medicine method that induces relaxation. In massage chairs, this therapy is promoted using LED chromotherapy lights placed on either side of the chair. The colors used are blue or warm yellow. This is a feature that is being added to newer models.

What does it do?
Chromotherapy lights on your massage chair emit a soft hue into the room around you. Turn off the lights to experience the way the hue creates a relaxing ambiance and produces relaxing hormones. This is just one more way massage chairs are improving the holistic home massage experience.

Inversion Therapy

The zero-gravity feature on massage chairs has become a very popular one. A new additional version being added is the Inversion therapy option. Although it may sound similar, it is quite different.

Inversion Therapy reclines the chair back until is it below horizontal until the body itself is inverted. The act of inverting is “to turn upside down.” This technique is designed to turn the user so that the head is down and the feet are faced upwards. It stretches or decompresses the spine with the intention to alleviate any pain. chiropractors and physical therapists use Inversion therapy with their clients and it is said to be a favorable technique.

Worried you might fall off? Don’t worry, the chair's built-in airbags will hold you in place so you can focus on relaxing. For those who experience leg swelling, Inversion is also a helpful therapy.

Music Therapy

Do you love music? Studies have shown that listening to soothing tunes while relaxing can increase serotonin levels, which means that adding your favorite songs to your massage chair session can increase the effects of the massage on not only the body but the mind as well.

Chairs that feature music system capabilities are becoming more and more popular. Just plug in your device or connect with Bluetooth to take advantage of this musical therapy.

What if I’m Pregnant?

Concerned about whether or not you can use or continue using a massage chair while pregnant? We have some good news. There are actually several benefits to using a massage chair while pregnant.

Most people’s concerns about receiving a massage while pregnant is that the motions or stimulation may cause physical harm or stimulate premature labor. For this reason, it is suggested that you wait until you are about six months along before getting a massage. It is also recommended that the ankle area be avoided while getting a massage because this is where some of those pressure points can be found.

If the concern circles around vibrations, it is important to note that a chair’s motions are comparable to that of going for a brisk walk. There is no scientific evidence showing that a massage chair could cause a miscarriage.

any heat elements on a massage chair are also unlikely to be harmful to a pregnant person since the heat is directed to the back and lower extremities.

Overall, the usage of a massage chair should not be an issue for a pregnant person. Should you have any concerns, you can always wait until after the 6-month period is established.

Massage Chair Benefits During Pregnancy
Mood Enhancement
Any aches, pains, and feelings of discomfort associated with late-term pregnancy are hard to deal with and would put anyone in a bad mood. Just a few minutes in a massage chair can alleviate some of these aches and leave you in a better mood overall.

Back Pain Relief
Back pain is one of the most common problems during pregnancy. A massage chair can assist in alleviating some of this discomfort. Since this pain is often found in the lower back, many find the rollers in the chair can provide relief when adjusted to a position that suits them.

Strengthens Your Immune System
Massage therapy stimulates white blood cells and helps produce more lymphocytes. This assists in defending the body from viruses. Studies have shown that this helps strengthen the immune system.

Massage chairs are the perfect way for pregnant people to enjoy all the benefits of a therapeutic massage from the comfort of their own homes.

No Lotions
As pregnancy progresses, people tend to develop a hyper-sensitive sense of smell. Unlike creams, oils, or lotions, a chair doesn’t require any ointments. This is a favorable and appealing solution when you’re pregnant.

What if I Have an Injury?

When caring for a soft tissue injury, people turn to massages as a form of treatment. While these and skeletal injuries do benefit from massages, proper precautions must be taken in order for the injury to improve.

It is recommended that you wait at least 48 hours before engaging in a massage. For more serious injuries the wait is up to 72 hours. For acute strains or sprains, adhere to the R.I.C.E. program of rest, ice, compression, and elevation first.

If pain and swelling persist for 48 hours, speak to a medical professional before any type of massage

Consult a masseuse or physical therapist before a massage if you have a skeletal injury. It is also recommended to avoid a massage chair in these instances until you have consulted with a medical professional.

Once approved by a medical professional, soft tissue injury can be subject to a massage. Just listen to your body and adjust settings so that you are not in pain. It is recommended to use the air compression feature since it targets air cells to squeeze and release without pinpointing pressure.

Once you get back into the groove of things, you can upgrade to a Swedish massage. In fact, it is often encouraged because it improves circulation and helps heal injuries.

With these tips in mind, there are still some types of injuries that avoid massages entirely. These include

- Nerve damage
- Cancer
- Burns
- Blood clots
- Extremely high blood pressure
- Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
- Lesions
- Some forms of arthritis or osteoporosis

Consult with your physician if you have any of the above to confirm whether or not any type of massage is suitable.

Massage Chair Warranties

Most massage chair warranties cover parts and labor, but the length of a warranty can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. While most warranties can be extended up to five years at no cost, others may add an additional fee.

If you have any questions or are looking for more ways to protect your chair, make sure to call and inquire about an Extended Warranty.

As you get ready to find your chair

1. Be sure to check the dimensions of your massage chair to ensure it will fit through the doorway and into the desired room.

2. Be on the lookout for many of our amazing massage chair deals on the most-wanted and luxurious brands