Veho Muvi KX-Series Handsfree Camera Spare Battery


The Veho Muvi KX-Series spare battery allows you to add a potential further 3 hours of recording time. The easily interchangeable rechargeable lithi-ion battery is perfect for those who wish to extend their recording sessions. Carrying a spare battery helps ensure you capture your most important moments. The Muvi KX-Series spare battery is compatible with all Muvi KX-Series models

In The Box:
X1 Muvi KX-Series Spare Battery

Compatible with all Muvi KX-Series handsfree action cameras
Add a potential 3 hours of recording to your filming session
Minimise the chance of missing crucial footage
Easily interchangeable battery for maximum convenience when changing batteries over
Use your rugged Veho carry case to place spare battery so you don't lose it