UNIQU Lighting Kit Phone Stand 2.0


The UNIQU Lighting Kit 2.0 offers a solid package that includes everything you need for content creation. This two-in-one mechanism not just holds your phone in every angle but also offers different strong light settings for your shoots.

The UNIQU Lighting Kit 2.0 is an improved and more sophisticated version of the first UNIQU Lighting Kit. For a much minimalistic design, choose UNIQU Lighting Kit 2.0. It features an elegant and sophisticated design that you can use for your YouTube recording, live broadcast, online teaching, or even just a lamp for your work or study needs. Lighting is the key to making quality photos and videos. If you want to make short but quality videos and photos, in flat lay mode, investing in the UNIQU Lighting Kit 2.0 is the first step forward.

The stand can stretch out and allows you to easily change the height or angle you prefer. The bracket will not wobble after your mobile phone is installed. You can also adjust its 360 degrees legs. You can now shoot horizontally or vertically at any high angle.

No more blurry photos or videos because our UNIQU Lighting Kit 2.0 has a rechargeable lamplight. You can use it for 5 hours with three brightness levels. The side-fill lights make it simple to show yourself without adjusting the light. You will find three color modes for light: cold, white and warm light.

This convenient and elegant Bluetooth remote control allows you to control your phone while recording or shooting. It’s suitable for both Android and iOS devices.

The phone clip can be rotated at 360-degree angles. Given that the grip is so strong, you don’t need to think about your phone falling off.