TRAKK Yoga & Pilates Bar


Do you want to shaping body easily at home or office? -Do you want to have a bubutterfly shoulder and perfect lines? -Do you want simple tool to work your whole body? Pilates sticks are called carry-on gyms. They have similar functions as barbells, rowing machines, tension bands and other equipment. The yoga pilates stick can exercise the whole body, especially beautify the legs and abdomen curves. In addition, the portable pilates bar Kit is small and easy to store. Pilates sticks are suitable for home, gym, etc. Used in various occasions. toning bar list Package List: 1 x Portable Pilates Stick 1 x 8 Shape Rally Pull Rope 1 x Instructions BQYPOWER Portable Pilates Bar Kit BQYPOWER pilates bar can meet all your needs. It is made of the highest quality materials and has the highest quality standards. Our slim toning bar is an all-rounder for full-body exercise, simulating the actions and benefits of Pilates mat or Pilates reforming exercise. Unlike cheap portable pilates stick, our high-quality rods are made of sturdy steel, wrapped with sweat-absorbing soft foam pads, non-slip and comfortable, equipped with 2 power cord resistance bands and 2 large foot loops. Build Muscle Lose Weight Exercise Your Heart Exercise Arms, Abdomen, Legs and Gluteal Muscles 8 8-Character Tensioner Effectively exercise arm and leg muscles, can slim down and shape, beautify body lines, reduce excess fat in arms, tighten leg muscles, shape a perfect body, can be used for static stretching after strenuous exercise, It relaxes muscles, improves joint flexibility, enhances motor skills and prevents muscle soreness and sports injuries. It is also a shoulder extension strap, arm and shoulder training strap. GREAT DETAILS por nice nylon cover Removable Design Simple storage, small footprint, easy to carry, so you can exercise anywhere. TPR Elastic Tube Strong toughness, not easy to break after repeated stretching, safe and durable. Thick Nylon Protective Band Protect hands and ankles
Pilates sticks are commonly used in yoga, Pilates, stretching, fitness and other training programs. Yoga and stretching exercises are very suitable for pregnant women to use after pregnancy and childbirth to maintain good health. Low impact to prevent injury, light and easy to carry.
Pilates resistance bands can be used to perform many different types of exercise (upper and lower body), exercise muscles, exercise arms, abdomen, legs and glutes, and also exercise the heart. Pilates bar kit to help you stay healthy.
Yoga fitness sticks are made of high-quality materials. The fitness stick is detachable and easy to carry. The metal tube is sturdy and durable, the thick foam is comfortable and soft, the tension rope is highly elastic and strong, and the foot ring is made of sweat-absorbent material. Suitable for all seasons.
Pilates pole kit includes a figure eight tension band, two sections of pilates pole and an elastic tension rope, which is very space-saving and easy to carry. You can use it at home, office, gym, travel, outdoor.
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