Toe Separator Socks by Stretch; Toe Spacer Foot Alignment Sock for Bunion Relief

S-L (fits shoe size 5-10)

Enhanced with rubber sole grips for traction, our original foot alignment socks are the fall prevention socks adult women with foot pain trust. The ultimate socks with grippers on bottom, they don't slip or slide around on floors. Stretching & spreading the toes to achieve proper alignment has shown to relieve pain & discomfort linked to plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, corns, gout, hammertoes & more. Training & aligning your feet will be a breeze when you slip into a pair of our rubber soled toe separating socks. You'll notice your toes start straightening, uncurling & separating out into their proper position when you wear these feet sleeve socks at least a few hours each day. Features :
WOMEN'S TOES ALIGNMENT SOCKS: Healthy feet = happy feet. The best toe spreading socks for women shoe sizes 6-10, our foot alignment socks are the toe separator socks with power to support healthier & happier feet.
STRETCH, SEPARATE & ALIGN TOES: Built to split, stretch & spread toes apart without causing discomfort, our one-size toe separator socks help correct alignment issues which can lead to bunions, hammer toes & claw toes
EASE PAIN & BOOST CIRCULATION: Offering slight compression, the stretchy material further promotes podiatry health by gently stimulating blood flow. The result is less foot/ ankle swelling, fatigue, soreness, aches & pains.
SOFT, PLUSH, COZY, COMFORTABLE: Softer, cozier & more breathable than other feet alignment socks, these socks can be worn during the day or overnight. They're also machine washable. (air dry socks to retain stretch)
SKID-RESISTANT GRIPS ON BOTTOM: Upgraded with slip-resistant grips on bottom, our moisturizing toe alignment socks are safe for walking on hardwood floors, tile or linoleum. They're the safer choice toe alignment socks!