Titan TI Pandora 3D Massage Chair


The most comprehensive massage chair ever is here. With the incredibly powerful two-dimensional massage and L-track design you get groundbreaking relaxation in a revolutionary design. Add to that intelligent computerized body scanning, tension-relieving lumbar heating, and an automatic extending footrest. The first massage chair of its kind, the Pandora is changing the name of the game.

Precision Body Scan:
Personalization is the most important part of any massage, that’s why the Pandora includes intelligent computerized body scanning.The intelligent system maps key points along your spine in order to individualize every aspect of your upcoming relaxation.

2D Massage:
The Pandora’s advanced 2-Dimensional massage expands beyond the typical constraints of other massage chairs. By moving on multiple axises the Pandora’s massage rollers provide an intense and invigorating massage experience

L-Track Massage:
In step with the Pandora’s unconventional nature, the laser-crafted steel L-track allows for the massage rollers to extend all the way from your shoulders to your glutes in one continuous motion

Full Body Air Massage:
The most comprehensive massage from Titan includes a powerful full body compression massage as well. Using 40 individual air cells, the Pandora’s compression massage is factory-calibrated to relax your shoulders, fingertips, calves, and feet.

Zero Gravity:

Make your massage more fluid and weightless than ever before, with Zero Gravity Reclining. This Nasa-inspired technology puts the user in a scientifically precise position to reduce the traditional effects of gravity on the body.

Space Saving:
Titan has developed incredible Space Saving Technology to allow full utilization of the chair without having to fully utilize your living room.

Back Heat:
The cloud-cushioned backrest includes dual Infrared Lumbar Heating to help release muscle tension, soothe aches and pains, and improve your overall massage experience.

Seat Vibration:
Dual haptic motors within the base of the chair allows for calming rhythmic seat vibrations, which gently activate muscles surrounding the hamstrings for a more refreshing massage

Foot Rollers:
The Pandora’s specialized foot massage utilizes the effects of advanced foot rollers in tandem with intense air compression to provide the most exhilarating massage after a day on your feet.

8 Massage Modes:

Classic: Engages in a deep tissue massage great for your overall health

Wake Up: Utilizes kneading, compression, and shiatsu techniques to prepare your body for the day

Revitalize: Reduce body fatigue by focusing kneading and compressing the neck, shoulders, and hips

Stretch: Induce a weightless feeling while engaging in a deep tissue massage aimed at loosening muscles

Tai Chi: This kneading massage targets the upper body while relieving muscle tension.

Thai: This intense massage stretches the body, while simultaneously kneading and tapping problem areas

Body Care: Improve the health of your spine, shoulders, and neck through this rhythmic massage mode

Joint Care: Slowly and gently target joints in your hands, feet, and spine with this tender program
6 Manual Massage:
Enjoy a variety of powerful massage styles, such as Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Swedish, Kneading & Tapping, and Rolling. Experiment with the options to find your favorites and build your own hand crafted massage.
Extendable Footrest:
True comfort, for everyone. Regardless of your height, the Pandora’s Automatic Extendable Footrest expands over half a foot to accommodate anyone of any height. Simply start your massage and let the Pandora do the rest.
Connect your mobile device to the Pandora via Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music, movies, audio books, and ambient sounds in genuine soundstage quality audio.
Side panel:
More control than ever. Quickly control a variety of handy features, like reclining and power, all from the convenient shortcut panel.