Titan Harmony II 3D Massage Chair


The Harmony II 3D chair contains several luxurious features, such as intuitive voice control, remote, and a 3D massage mechanism to enhance your massage. The Harmony delivers a personally tailored massage for you every time you sit in it.

Intelligent Health Detection
The Harmony II massage chair has advanced capabilities with its built-in health monitor. By detecting various metrics such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and fatigue index , the chair's Ai technology can provide a personalized massage experience tailored to your body's current condition.

3D Massage Mechanism
Range & Width. The 3D technology allows you to control the overall intensity of the massage by managing the depth of the back rollers. the HarmonyII lets you adjust the 3D roller depth at any point in the massage, whether you're in an auto mode or a manual mode.

SL-Track System
Through the use of a scientifically- engineered SL-Track, the massage rollers can provide full coverage of the body by extending from the base of the skull to the very edge of your hamstrings.

Soothing Heating Therapy
The Harmony II’s lumbar heating system utilizes its graphene heating to help ease tension in the back. The Harmony II also includes targeted heat along the chest and stomach. Simply place the heating shawl over your body to target these areas.

Zero Gravity Reclining
Inspired by NASA, the Zero Gravity position is the best position for ultimate rejuvenation. By reclining into 3-stage zero-gravity position , users can experience a state of weightlessness that helps release pressure on the body.

Space Saving Technology
With Osaki’s Space Saving Technology, the massage chair can be placed 4 inches from the wall and still accomplish a complete recline.

32 Air Cell Compression Massage
The Harmony II offers a total of 32 airbags in the massage chair, covering the shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and feet.

11 Auto Massage Modes
• Total Relax
• Gentle Waves rub
• Energy Boost
• Thai Stretching
• Sweet Dream
• Meridian Treatment
• Neck & Shoulder Care
• Waist Care
• Thai Massage
• Leg & Foot Relieve
• Lunch Break

5 Manual Massage Programs

• Knead
• Tap
• Knead & Tap
• Shiatsu
• Knock

Spring Extendable Footrest
Created for users of different heights and body types, the Harmony II offers extendable footrest. The footrest has the ability to stretch up to 7.5 inches to adjust to any user in mind.

Foot Rollers
The Harmony II is equipped with Specialized Foot Rollers that were created to activate a series of acupuncture points using scientifically designed reflexology ridges. The footrest holds 3 rollers for each foot, giving a thorough massage from heel to toe.

Intelligent Voice Control
With Harmony II's voice control feature, you can easily utilize the chair without having to lift a finger. When you make a command, the chair will react accordingly.

Convenient Remote Control
The Harmony II includes a remote controller for easy navigation and adjustment settings.

Removable Headrest
The Harmony II features a removable headrest, which may help you customize the best massage for all head positions.

Bluetooth Speakers
- Side Control Panel
- USB Charger
- Remote Controller Bag

Dimensions (W x L x H):
- Upright 30.” x 62.“ x 44.”
Reclined 30.” x 67.” x 36.5”
Width : Shoulder 22” / Seat 20”
Maximum User Weight : 260 lbs.