SmithShaper® SQUATX™


The SMITHSHAPER® SQUATX™ is an all-in-one full-body muscle trainer capable of FIFTY exercises that can be used in your home gym or anywhere. The compact and durable SQUATX is the first exercise device that combines rolling bodyweight resistance and loop band resistance capabilities into a single multipurpose exerciser. It enables you to tone, shape, sculpt and fortify, legs, butt, abs, waistline, back, chest, shoulders and arms. All SmithShaper Ab Squat Rider exercises such as ab roll, core crushers, lying hamstring curls, and many more, can still be performed on the SQUATX. A 20 in. x 14 in. adhesive vinyl poster illustrating all SQUATX exercises is included.

The SQUATX includes several combination exercises that allow you to increase the overall productivity of your fitness routine by working more of your body’s muscle groups in less time. For example, you can target your leg and glutei muscles with high reps of SQUATX lunges while simultaneously performing hammer curls using the attached loop resistance bands and handles. The same applies to SQUATX quad blasters, lunges and ice skaters that work upper and lower body muscles at the same time. Perhaps the best combination exercise on the SQUATX are rolling wall squats that can be done while also doing resistance band chest presses.

The perfect posture SQUATX Power Squat exercise, is performed while wearing the device on your back like a backpack. The Power Squat is safer than traditional squats because the device and the wall offset some of the squat load forces to your knees and back. Also, because you are aligned with the wall, form is consistent on the SQUATX even when fatigue sets in. This is sometimes not the case with traditional squats. For these same reasons, higher reps of leg and glutei strengthening squats can be accomplished on the SQUATX compared to the same person performing stand-alone squats.

The SQUATX is also worn when performing upright resistance band exercises such as chest fly’s, chest presses, and lateral arm raises, etc. Unlike traditional unanchored exercises like these, the SQUATX prevents the discomfort associated with loop resistance band tension running across your back and hands. This also applies to Shadow Boxing and Pivot Punching movement exercises which are much more fun and enjoyable on the SQUATX.

The patented SQUATX device contains six non-marking wheels on carbon fiber axles that roll smoothly in a unified direction. The package includes four resistance bands, two heavy duty resistance band eyehole connector bolts, adjustable elastic shoulder straps, exercise instructions, and innovative patent pending SMITHSHAPER loop band handles are included in the package. Very minor assembly is required.


• FIFTY exercises are possible on the SmithShaper® SQUATX™ including combination exercises (e.g. perfect posture rolling wall squats with resistance band chest presses), upright resistance band exercises (e.g. chest fly’s, lunges and shadow boxing), and floor bodyweight resistance rolling exercises (e.g. spider man push-ups, sideways jackknives, pike walks, etc.). The SQUATX supports a maxium user weight of 400 lb.

• Supports all levels from beginner to advanced users. For example, beginners can perform abdominal roll-outs (to develop six pack abs) by placing forearms on the device. This is not possible with an ab wheel or ab roller. Also, the included resistance bands not only add resistance, they can help beginners perform the exercise as band tension at extension will help retract their body back to the starting position.

• Avoids the discomfort compared to traditional unanchored resistance bands as SQUATX resistance band exercises do not come in contact with your back and the patent pending SQUATX loop band handles are the first ever such handles that allow loop resistance bands to be griped in a comfortable way without direct tension upon your skin.

• Add the SQUATX PRO to your Tabata, HIIT & Cross-fit workouts. Use indoor & outdoors. Great for a full body workout when you can’t make it to the gym.


• (1) SQUATX PRO with adjustable elastic straps

• (2) resistance connector eyebolts (minor installation required)

• (2) 42-inch loop resistance bands

• (2) 36-inch loop resistance band

• (2) SQUATX Loop Band Handles

• (1) Door Anchor (for use with SQUATX handles)

• (2) carabiners (for retaining loop bands on the SQUATX handles)

• (1) Exercise instruction sheet

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