Smart Mop

Smart Mop

Now you can rinse and mop with clean water every time! The secret is its innovative dual chamber bucket and spin technology, that rinses your mop with clean water from an inner bucket, while it separates the dirty water into the outer bucket. It even has silicone teeth to help remove hair and debris from your mop as it spins.

The 2in1 Micro Mop has a durable microfibre cloth pad that captures all kinds of dirt & clean surfaces thoroughly. This Microfibre technology is so effective that you don't even need to use expensive detergents or other harmful chemicals when cleaning – simply use water. The cleaning pad holds a super absorbent shammy towel inside of it that effectively locks in any wet mess as you mop.

The 2in1 Mop both a flat microfibre mop with it's separate washing & drying sections for hygiene hands free, water conservation no complicated gears & moving parts that wear out over time.