RolLift Micocurrent Symmetrical Facial Contour Device with LED Light Therapy

RolLift Micocurrent Symmetrical Facial Contour Device with LED Light Therapy

The only FDA Cleared Home use device that reduces double chins, redefines your jawline, and tightens loose neck skin.

RolLift slims, sculpts & tones your jawline while helping reduce fat deposits in your neck area - all without surgery or downtime! You will be amazed at how fast you can get rid of stubborn double chins and get back to being confident again. It is a Symmetrical facial contouring & lifting in a 5-minute treatment. The safest and most effective way to contour the jaw and chin and reduce lower facial and neck fat without surgery.

RolLift combines multiple clinically proven technologies:
- Microcurrent
RF (Radio Frequency)
LED light therapy - Red, Blue

Diamond Rollers
RolLift 4 identical diamond head rollers on each wand reflect and distribute LED light treatment evenly across the face as they gently massage the skin. As a result, RolLift's diamond heads can treat both sides of your face simultaneously while also treating larger areas at a time. You will be able to complete your skin care routine twice as fast, leaving no area untouched.

Symmetry system
RolLift is specially conceived to distribute an equal amount of pressure and technology to each side of your face at the same time. With its two symmetrical wands and identical diamond rollers, RolLift treats both sides of your face simultaneously, making the results even. Your skin routine will be twice as fast, with no area left untreated.

RolLift is USB compatible, so you can easily charge it at any time and anywhere, making it perfect for home or travel.

- Redefine your jawline by using RolLifts microcurrent, you can Tone, Firm and Sculpt your jawline for more definition.
Tighten your loose neck skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, RF treatments will make your neck skin tight and firm.
Reduce your double chin by penetrating deep into the skin, RF technology shrinks fat cells and reduces fat deposits significantly from your chin.
Tone your facial muscle by mimicking the body's natural current, microcurrent tones facial muscles, creating sculpted more defined features.