REATHLETE UPHEAT Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief | Wireless, Portable Weighted Heating Pad


Portable, cordless relief for back pain - the REATHLETE UPHEAT Heating Pad offers 14 natural jade stones and clay beads for deep heat penetration via Far Infrared Radiation. 13,500 mAh powerbank provides 8 hours of pocket-sized portability; charges in 3-6 hours with included travel bag. Enjoy the comfort of home with FIR heat.

This weighted heating pad comes with a huge 13,500 mAh power bank that it will run on for 8 hours (5 on max heat). The device goes neatly into a pocket on the heat pad: no wires involved! To be ready for your next heat therapy / pain relief session, the bank will take 3 to 6 hours to charge. A travel bag is included.

Unlike simpler heating pads, this cordless heating pad features 14 natural jade stones and clay beads that accumulate and intensify the heat generated through far infrared radiation (FIR). FIR heat therapy is scientifically proven to relieve back pain (and pain in other areas), and we made the most of it in this heated pad.

This heating pad for neck and shoulders has composite fiber heating wire (instead of metal) inside that delivers even, stable, gentle, and powerful heat. You can choose one of 3 intensity levels and use this electric heating pad for either dry or moist (spray some water on its inner part) sessions. Auto shut off after 6 hours.

The fabric on this back heating pad feels great against the skin as it’s ultra soft and minky. The wiring inside makes the heat wrap resistant to folding, and it heats up fast. Hand washing is recommended for our infrared heating pads, but you can use the machine, too: gentle cycle, ≤ 80 °F / 30 °C (cold), without the bank.

It’s been proven effective to use heating pads for cramps and other types of discomfort, so you can experiment and fix this large heating pad on your neck, stomach, and legs—or even treat it as a bed warmer! Discover the wonder of how mere heat provides lower back pain relief and period cramps pain relief right when you need them.