ReAthlete Leg Massager

ReAthlete Leg Massager

The New 2021 AIR•C Pro model. Don’t let a stressful day full of hard work or exhausting exercises unsettle you! With our new 2021 AIR•C Pro full leg compression sleeves for men and women, you can rapidly get back on your feet and stand up to all the challenges, revived and confident!

Whether you are a professional athlete, an amateur sportsman, a dancer, or someone who has to do much standing, walking or sitting, you’ll definitely enjoy all the benefits of the new pro-grade REATHLETE leg compression machine! The 2021 AIR•C Pro model is a mighty must-have leg recovery system for anyone in need for muscle pain relief, leg cramps relief, restless leg relief or just a regular circulation and vein support for healthy legs.

At last, you can take the air compression leg massager with you anywhere from a gym to a hiking or skiing vacation not worrying about the power cords or finding an electricity outlet and sitting next to it anymore! Go wireless with up to an hour of recovery massage on a single charge with this thigh, calf and foot massager. A nice bonus: a travel bag included!

The new user-friendly digital remote with a backlit LCD screen lets you easily set up your sequential compression device to suit your today’s desires. Featuring 4 airbags in 3 zones, these versatile massage boots let you choose from 4 compression levels in 3 different modes. No need to worry about massaging each zone for a fixed time period – just use an adjustable timer, yet another handy feature.

The new model also features a professional leg compression sleeve design which is incredibly easy to put on and wear. No matter how tall or skinny you are, one size fits all: simply slide in and enjoy your new foot and leg massager for circulation and relaxation!

Sequential compression devices are proved to provide numerous positive effects. REATHLETE full leg and feet massager is endorsed by many athletes and recommended by physiotherapists, sport trainers and chiropractors. Praised for rapid stress relief and chronic pain relief, it also helps increase blood flow and prevent numerous related diseases and injuries. AIR●C Pro will bring you a fast recovery and relaxation even with an hour of use per day. Gratify yourself and your darling ones with this much needed and great gift!

- Rechargeable and portable- With up to an hour of ReAthlete leg massager working time on a single charge you’re all set up and good to go. Take your rechargeable and portable legs & feet massager anywhere you go and don’t miss a chance to get a quality massage when you need it most!
3 modes of massaging in 3 zones are designed to make your compression therapy sessions versatile and thorough. Choose from massaging a single zone, two of them, or all three zones at a time and enjoy the benefits of each of the specialized massage methods.
Heavy-duty nylon fabric - The new massage boots are made of high-quality, heavy-duty nylon fabric and are designed for long-term use. Using this compression leg massager even for an hour every day will help good blood circulation, reduce pain, revitalize your legs, eliminate tiredness and soreness, and help prevent multiple leg diseases!
Easy to wear- Tired of bulky, comfortless massagers with omnipresent wires? Fed up with being tied-up to an electrical outlet? The new AIR•C Pro compression leg massager is designed for you! Thanks to the new improved ergonomics with zipper sleeve design, it is now so simple to put on and off – you will hardly notice the process.
Featuring the new sleeve design with improved ergonomics as well as 4 airbags in 3 zones, the new AIR•C Pro sequential compression device is a perfect choice for muscle pain relief, faster recovery, or pre-workout warm-ups.
Travel Bag Included- Take your AIR•C PRO with you to your gym, office or hotel.

Product Dimensions:
Foot- 25CM, circumference: 20"
Calves- 42CM, circumference: up to 18"
Thighs- 21CM circumference: up to 27"

Package includes:
1 Remote control
2 leg sleeves
1 carrying case
1 AC adapter
1 color box package

How to use:
1. Place the massager sleeves on your legs, keeping your legs flat on the bottom. Note that sleeves are marked L and R for Left and Right to indicate leg placement.
2. Use the zipper to secure your foot and calf, then use the hook and loop fasteners to secure your thigh tightly inside the massager.
3. Insert both air pressure connectors into the control unit.
4. Make sure that the control unit is fully charged (check the battery icon on the screen). If the battery is empty or low, plug the adapter into a power outlet, and plug the cable into the charging port on the control unit. Charge for 2+ hours. You can operate the device while charging.
5. Sit comfortably. Do not cross legs. To turn the massager ON, press button for 3s. Press again to cycle the intensity level: 1 to 4. To turn the massager OFF, press button for 3s.

The brand trusted by athletes and experts!
The new 2021 AIR•C Pro compression machine for legs and feet is designed and manufactured by ReAthlete, a well-known brand specializing in high-quality wellness, relaxation and athleisure products. Over the years of hard work analyzing and fulfilling our clients’ needs and desires, we gained recognition not only from athletes but also from thousands of those in need for a high-quality, durable and innovative pneumatic compression device that can provide proper blood circulation and vein support for healthy legs. With the majority of scientific researches confirming positive results of compression therapy, you can use our air compression leg massager every day or on demand to restore circulation, improve blood flow, recover after a training or stressful work day, loosen up tight muscles, or break up stubborn knots.

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