RAD Face Roller

RAD Face Roller

When it comes to revealing your healthiest facial skin, creams and serums only go skin deep. Our All-in-One Facial Roller goes below the surface to treat the muscles of the face (skin doesn’t scrunch up on its own). Take action against sluggish circulation and lymphatic drainage issues — all of which contribute to wrinkles and dull or overly-reactive skin.

It’s all connected. By reducing tension in your face through gua sha and rolling, you can relieve tension in your neck and shoulders too, which means a regular facial routine has long-term functional benefits for your overall well-being!

Be Like Water. Re-hydrate your skin by encouraging lymphatic flow

More than Skin Deep. Break patterns of chronic tissue tension that can lead to headaches, TMJ pain, “tech-neck”, and more.

You’ve Got Options. Includes two interchangeable roller heads for different types of surface stimulation, including a high-impact “drag” and invigorating textured massage motion.

Icy Hot. Removable heads can be warmed or chilled for comfort and therapeutic effect, plus it’s easy to keep clean.



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