Poooliprinter L2

Print everything, anywhere & anytime in the absolutely best quality possible for any pocket printer thanks to Poooliprinter™L2 Instant HD!

Imagine the freedom to print your favorite pictures or images without the limitations of costly polaroid refills or expensive ink.Now, you’ll experience printing your memories or notes directly from your smartphone and make them last forever, because you’re living in the future with a PoooliPrinter L2 Instant HD and its ZeroInk technology.

After printing up to 100 pictures with just one paper roll, simply replace it with one of your choice: colored, sticky, transparent & more... and enjoy up to 24 hours of printing. Plug your mobile printer into any USB port or charger to recharge in no time.

The PoooliPrint™ mini printer is the World’s Most Versatile pocket printer. With PoooliPrinter L2 and its 54mm/2.1inch printing width and 300dpi* definition you’re not sacrificing quality for convenience! Your PoooliPrinter L2 Instant HD is so powerful it can print a picture in seconds.

With the Poooli app you can edit and print images, pictures, to-do lists, notes & more from any smartphone with a touch of your finger. Imagine now you can instantly print a selfie or simply get organized with notes & to-do lists.

PoooliPrinter L2 Instant HD also features a detachable beak that doubles as a magnet or a card holder so you can easily display your art or work on any surfaces that you would like.