Pivot LED Desk Lamp with Dual Shades


Now you can enjoy reduced eyestrain and crisp OttLite ClearSun illumination all over your home with this sleek rechargeable lamp. Studies show 3 out of 4 people experience eyestrain on a daily basis. OttLite’s new Wellness Series reduces eyestrain up to 51% with our exclusive ClearSun LED technology that comes as close to the sun’s spectral output as you can get! With a dual head design that pivots to 180 degrees (or anything in between), the OttLite Dual Head LED Desk Lamp is the perfect reading and crafting lamp for any room in your home. Dimmable brightness levels and 3 color modes allow for perfectly customized lighting. There’s also a 40 minute shut off timer. With OttLite Natural Daylight Illumination you’ll see every color accurately and detail clearly with reduced glare and eyestrain so you can do what you love, longer.