Osaki Massage Chair Cleaner

Osaki Massage Chair Cleaner

The Osaki Massage Chair Cleaner is the official cleaning serum for all Osaki, Titan, and Amamedic massage chairs. This multipurpose cleaner safely maintains, preserves, and nourishes most massage chair materials.

The Osaki Massage Chair Cleaner was designed with the sole intention of protecting as many massage chairs as possible. As such, the formula can be safely used on PU leather interiors, hard shell exteriors, and even genuine leather massage chairs. The cleaner starts by opening the pores of the material to easily remove stains and blemishes. Afterwards, the natural oils and additives penetrate deeply into the leather to revitalize it. Lastly, the micro-layer of oil remains on the surface of your product to prevent natural corrosion and mildew buildup. 

The Osaki cleaner only includes easy-to-understand ingredients; things like water, orange citrus oil, and leather protection protein HP-100. Additionally, the formula includes APG, a safe detergent that is naturally biodegradable.

- Includes 2 serum bottles
- Osaki microfiber cloth
2 spray nozzle bottle attachments

- Citrus Orange oil
- Special decontamination
- Sterilization factor
- Anionic surfactant
- Leather Protection Protein