Neck Stretch Massage Trigger Point Chiropractic Pillow by Acupillow

Neck Stretch Massage Trigger Point Chiropractic Pillow by Acupillow
The Accupillow Acupressure Neck Pain Relief Cushion offers a simple yet effective at-home solution for neck and shoulder pain. In ancient Chinese medicine acupuncture is used to target acupressure points to reduce pain.

Simply lay down and rest your head and neck into the Accupillow, and begin to relax. As you rest, the S-curve of your neck is realigned as gravity pushes down upon you and helps reposition your cervical alignment into a natural shape.

This process provides cervical traction and spinal alignment and alleviates pain, tension, headaches and migraines.

Benefits include: Neck pain relief and neck traction, shoulder pain relief and stress relief & relaxation. Molds to the pain area for a custom experience and may help lessen the need for migraine and headache medications.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that chi (or qi) is the healing energy that flows throughout the human body by way of meridian pathways. Blockages in these pathways can cause various aches, pains, and spasms. Acupressure therapy is used to target, engage, and relieve specific meridian pathways, reducing any discomfort.

Made of high quality High-density foam. Beware of knockoffs as the knockoffs are cheap soft foam that do not provide the level of counter pressure and thus traction. Features : ACUPRESSURE PILLOW: Acupillow neck and shoulder relaxer will ease pain with a firm, but not too stiff device specially designed with neck supports that hit acupressure points to release neck tension. COMFORABLY CRADLES: Some neck pain relief devices, such as pro cervical neck traction collars, are cumbersome or uncomfortable. Acupillow is a neck relaxer in every sense – it’s a sore neck pillow that you relax with real ease. NECK CURVE CORRECTOR: Cervical pain and muscle stiffness can be caused by a number of conditions, from a pinched nerve, incorrect neck alignment, arthritis, even tmj. Acupillow is designed to be a cranio cradle which restores the natural curve of the cervical spine. RESULTS WITHIN 5 MINUTES: Acupillow neck stretcher can feel like a savior of pain relief in the first use. With continued daily use, neck alignment is restored for long term ease of neck pain. USE AT HOME OR TRAVELING: Pick up your chiropractic neck pillow and go! Acupillow is made to be used on any firm surface, from your kitchen floor to a hotel room when you’re on the go. Neck tension relief is ready for you whenever you need it. Note: This is not designed to be used as a sleeping pillow.