Lexon Mina LED Portable Lights

Alu Dark Plum

Colorful and small, these whimsical mushroom-shaped Lexon Mina Lights feature two LED light settings—warm and cool—and a dimming function, all controlled by a button on the light’s underside. Holding the button down dims the light. (When you turn the light off and then on again, it will remember your last setting.) Perch one on your bedside table as the perfect night light, or group several together to create an atmospheric glowing mushroom forest anywhere in your home. 

Mina makes an impressive impact on any space. Its compact design and delicate demeanor is a complementing combination that makes a statement. Mina features two LED light settings - warm and cold - and a dimming function, all controlled by a button on the base of the lamp.

Mina is rechargeable via USB-C and can provide up to 12h of battery life off a single charge.

Our designers have crafted a sleek, statement-making base available in more than 13 colors with aluminum, chrome, and glossy finishes. Try mixing and matching multiple to create your own cozy or fun atmosphere.