Japanese Shiki Futon Foldable Mattress


Studies show that sleeping on a firm mattress is great for back health and back alignment! That is why we carefully designed the Luxton Home Traditional Japanese Futon Mattress. It is a comfortable, yet firm multi purpose mattress that will help you keep your back healthy and your mind and body well rested! Not to mention that it does not take up much room and is extremely portable! 

Back Health
These twin futons are somewhat thin so you do not sleep on a fully padded surface. You are sleeping on a firm surface which aligns your spine that leads to less back pains and less back problems.

Comfortable and Portable
The traditional Japanese futon mattress is also called Shiki futon and it is very comfortable to sleep in, despite being thin layered. It can even be used as a yoga or meditation mat since it can be folded easily. Since it is also lightweight you can pack it and use it for traveling, camping, and outings

Please allow this Shiki futon 3 full days minimum to expand completely. Seeing that it is packed air tight, it needs some time come around to full form and size.

The fabric is 100% organic and natural cotton, highly durable and soft material that's very easy to clean and has no offensive smell.

- Twin-long 39" x 83"
Full-long 55" x 83"
Queen-long 63'" x 83
Twin-long 39" x 83" With Sheet
Full-long 55" x 83" With Sheet
Twin-long 39" x 83" With Extra Padding