Lumi Light Therapy Diet Belt


LumiDiet is a personal wearable light-therapy diet belt. It introduces clinically proven LED light technology to break down your abdominal fat cells. Portable size and weight, great elasticity, and motor-powered vibration allows a perfect fit for users of all body types. Additionally, LumiDiet is easy-to-care product for its long-life battery, resistance to sweat and dust, and the simplest control. This is LUMIDIET.

LumiDiet is thin, light, portable, and appropriate for home, office and gym use. It only requires 1 or 2 sessions per day and 30 minutes per session for the proper result. You can maximize the fat reduction effect by combining with exercises.

LumiDiet is scientifically and beautifully designed to help people shed pounds more effectively and efficiently in a shorter period of time.

LumiDiet is only 0.5 inches thick and under 500g. The LED lamps and vibration motors are designed thinly to make the belt as slim and lightweight as possible. LumiDiet also has good wearability designed for the active movement such as walking, jogging and outdoor activities. Carry LumiDiet anywhere at any time.

We use polycarbonate that is well-known for its resilience to make the belt fit conveniently just by stretching both wings of the belt. Therefore, LumiDiet gives users great user experiences with a comfortable fit that is suitable for waist sizes up to 45 inches. It softly covers your waist and holds firmly at the same time, so you will be able to use it anywhere at any time in any position. LumiDiet is available in 3 sizes; Small (under 25 inches) Medium (26~35 inches), and Large (36~45 inches).

LumiDiet is powered with a long-life battery of 3000mAh - approximately 6 sessions after full-charge, which is safe and easy to charge with 5-pin charger(compatible with Android charger). Full-charged device will last up to 4 hours.

We use the most advanced silicon material so you will not feel any discomfort on bare skin even when sweating. Also, LumiDiet is resistant to dust and sweat as the LED lamps are covered with a thin layer of glass to protect any incoming liquid or dust.

LumiDiet is designed with minimized buttons for simple and easy control of the device. A small time commitment, 1 or 2 session(s) per day (1session=30 minutes), can create a big change. Experience amazing results in just a few weeks

The combination of LFRT(Light Fat Reduction Technology) and vibration helps your body to burn the fat much easier and faster.

LFRT(Light Fat Reduction Technology) is a newly developed technology that exposes our body to artificial light that has particular wavelength and intensity to help to reduce fat. LumiDiet has developed and applied LFRT to maximize the result of burning abdominal fat. This technology includes differentiated recipes on selection of light source, intensity, radiation and frequency; consequently, we optimized these parameters in order for us to maximize the effect of fat reduction

Mitochondria in cells only absorb light of specific wavelength such as NIR and RED to break down triglycerides into fatty acid and glycerol, eventually discharging them through transient pores on cell wall. Released components flows into lymphatic system where they are broken down into smaller pieces. These components then flow into circulatory system to be burnt for the body’s metabolism.

Power & Energy
According to the Arndt-Schultz Law, there is a concept called “therapeutic window”, which is an optimized density range for fat reduction. The optimal intensity formula is applied for LFRT.

Vibration therapy offers positive results by stimulating muscles and metabolism and improving the flow of blood and lymph. Especially when appropriate amount of exercise cannot be done, vibration therapy can be a great substitute for spot fat/cellulite reduction as it improves the circulation of applied area.

Melting Down The Fat By LED Light

The NIR(4~5cm) & red LED (1cm) light safely penetrates the skin targeting the fat cells in the subcutaneous layer. "....Visible red light (660 nm) is readily absorbed by blood and skin surface components thereby limiting its tissue penetration to < 10 mm. NIR laser 810 nm is not readily absorbed and has a much larger depth of tissue penetration of 30–40 mm or greater..."

The red LED stimulates mitochondria in cells to produce energy that breaks down fat. The alteration of the cell chemistry triggers the release of an enzyme (lipase), which can break the triglyceride molecules down into fatty acids and glycerol molecules.

The small substances are discharged through the pores of the cell wall, then travels around the lymphatic system in the body, which are eventually reduced naturally or burnt through exercises. The vibration during or after light treatment helps our body to burn the mobilized fat more easily if you are not able to take the proper exercise. It also causes increased local circulation to targeted areas, giving the visible cellulite area a smoother look. The fat cells are then smaller, leaving you with inch loss, fat loss, and reduction of the appearance of cellulite!


Title of the Invention:
“A wearable device using LED lights to reduce body fat and its method”

Mobile Application
LumiDiet includes loT technology, which allows a connection between the belt and smartphones to track biometrics, physical activities, fat reduction data, tips for burning fat, personal information, and etc. through mobile application. Also, users can share their personal data and experience, earn tips and support from social communities, and motivate each other through social media

Dimension:10.2"x7.05"x4.35"/ 1.01lbs