Live1 Wireless Soundbar 3D Stereo Sound Audio

Dark Grey

The IDEAPLAY sound bars for TV transforms from a TV soundbar speaker into a wireless 2.0 home theater systems for an immersive movie and music-listening experience. The Bluetooth soundbar features two 3-inch full-range up-firing drivers, and two 0.5inch aluminum dome tweeters to connect 4K devices and Bluetooth. With Digital Bluetooth speaker, your music & video games will never sound more incredible. Enhance dialogue clarity and hear every word with a dedicated soundbar with subwoofer and our Dialogue Enhancement EQ mode. Listen to your way with the ability to adjust treble, bass, balance, and levels to accommodate your room or preferences with Bluetooth home theater system. The wireless TV speakers allow you to instantly switch between the sound from your TV and the Bluetooth sound from your mobile phone or tablet. You can choose from several preset sound modes by remote control.


- Sound bar for TV with built-in 15" home theater subwoofer
- Sound barSpeaker is compatible with two 3-inch full-range up-firing drivers are angled to reflect sound off the ceiling for overhead effects, and two 0.5inch aluminum dome tweeters.
- Wireless soundbar for TV built-in Bluetooth for wireless music streaming from compatible smartphones, tablets and computers
- The LED Display of the Sound Bars will show BT, AUX, OPT, COX and USB
- Select on the touch screen or by remote control, the mode will light up according to on the screen
- Remote control and button control Bluetooth speakers for home
- Press the “EQ” button on the remote control to change the sound mode from Music mode to News mode or Movie mode.Powerful sound bar takes your living room to the movies- immersive, room-filling sound