Liberator Fascinator Throw Moisture-proof Sensual Blanket, Mini Size


The lustful luxury, the Fascinator Throw, has been hailed as an ingenious lifesaver by thousands of couples, and this miniature version means whether your play is at home or away, you and your partner won’t leave a trace. The Fascinator Mini throw is constructed with a unique inner moisture barrier to protect sheets, bedding and furniture by absorbing any messy, wet-spot situations. Whether your journey is a sexy road-trip to the mountains or a romp around the bedroom, this compact throw can be used alone or made larger by mixing and matching another. Best of all, when your sexy expedition is over, the Fascinator Mini fits easily in the wash.

- Supremely plush throw blanket, specially lined to soak-up lubes and other liquids
- Inner moisture barrier ensures that bedding and furniture stays spotless
- Light-weight and discreet for travel - 36" x 26" x 1"
- Machine-washable