Leg-O-Sage Pulse


A Portable Leg Massager That Helps Improve Blood Circulation, Relieve Aches &Amp; Pains, And Aids In The Reduction Of Swollen Legs. If You Spend A Lot Of Time On Your Feet, Or Traveling Long Distances, This Personal Leg Massager Helps You Feel Refreshed And Rejuvenated. Buy Two For A Massage On Each Leg. Apply On Your Calves And Thighs For Optimal Results. New Pain Relief Leg Massager Leg-O-Sage Pulse Therapeutic Pulsation Massager Green Dimensions: 2.0 inches (H) x 5.0 inches (W) x 6.0 inches (L) Weight: 0.03 pounds Made in China

Fully adjustable, portable leg massager can be applied to anywhere your legs have pain
Helps to improve circulation, relieve aches and pains and reduce swelling. Portable, great for relief on long car
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Systemic circulation is the area of the cardiovascular system which carries oxygenated blood away
Ultra portable leg massager that uses vibration therapy to decrease inflammation