LED Infrared Light Therapy Wrap

LED Infrared Light Therapy Wrap

The Nerve Beam LED wrap is a high-powered LED red light and infrared therapy device that delivers low-level but intense light energy into the body. LED therapy uses a broad spectrum of red light and infrared therapy to drive very effective pain-relieving therapy results.

Red light (660nm) - visible and most effective on the surface of the skin.

Red light is within the "long end" of the visible spectrum with wavelengths of 630nm-700nm. Red light LED diodes treat topically and have an analgesic effect, and create an anti-inflammatory response.

Infrared light (830nm and 850nm)- invisible and is effective for use on the surface but also in penetrating the skin by about 1.5inches into the body.

Infrared LED diodes go deep into the tissue to deliver therapeutic pain relief, and regeneration of the nerves.

Joint Pain
Sleep Optimization
Muscle Recovery
Cognitive Function
Peripheral Neuropathy
Increase Circulation
Nerve Regeneration
Features :
Adjustable straps to use anywhere on the body
525 Individual LED diodes
Reaches temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit
Relieve pain on a cellular level
Kit includes:

LED wrap
Adjustable Straps
Power Supply
Link Cables
Users guide