L'Core Paris Tropical Body Butter

L'Core Paris Tropical Body Butter

Rich in Cacao Seed Butter, this silky Body Butter will deeply nourish and hydrate your skin, for a smooth and healthy look and feel.

This is a daily-use, non-greasy, and quick absorbing body butter. It provides your essential skin nourishment as it moisturizes and softens. This light moisturizing product is fragranced with sophisticated top notes of cacao seed butter with a harmony of Theobroma and beeswax undertone.

Theobroma cacao seed butter makes an excellent skin moisturizer with its healing effects inside and out. It’s a natural source of antioxidants found from cocoa beans. Along with its saturated fats, this can treat dry, cracked skin.

When applied onto the skin, beeswax can form a protection layer from outside dander. This can also hold in moisture and reduce dryness which is why this ingredient is often associated with lip balms.

Using L’Core Paris’ Tropical Body Butter, you can lock-in moisture and feel rejuvenated with its powerful ingredients.