iSpyPen Pro

iSpyPen Pro

Featuring Up 128GB Flash Memory, 1920x1080 Full HD Camera with Audio, Plug and Play, 1-Click Record, Up to 24 Hours of HD Video Storage, Manufacturer's Warranty

This sleek, classy, and professional commercial grade spy pen camera is years in the making and the newest piece of technology to add to your everyday carry. The iSpyPen Pro is a well constructed semi-aluminum ink pen that doubles as a discreet HD video and audio recorder No cables or software to deal with - the iSpyPen Pro is Plug and Play on all devices. Customized to your preference, select from two aesthetic color ways and up to 128GB of internal flash memory. The state of the art 200mAh Li-ion polymer, high capacity battery offers industry leading recording time. Audio recording is crystal clear and to top it off you can choose to display or hide a time and date stamp overlay.

Professional Investigator Magazine takes you step by step through your iSpyPen Pro experience:

When I unpacked the very well-made protective packaging and box, I saw the standard-size black pen.
I removed it and was impressed that this wasn’t a cheap plastic pen with some electronics inside. Instead, it was a heavy well-constructed aluminum pen that, in my opinion, would easily double as a protective device if held in-hand during an altercation! Recognizing that wasn’t the primary intent of the pen (maybe it was a secondary feature), I unscrewed the top section from the bottom section and a USB connector was visible. Upon examination, I saw the camera lens the size of a pinhole located directly above the pocket clip. The on/off button sits on top, and is readily accessible without any difficulties.
Putting the two sections aside, I picked up the instruction sheet and was pleasantly surprised to see, not only was it in English, it was clearly written with only five steps to follow, and the type was actually large enough to read. (Yay for them—and me!) The tri-fold booklet also had clear, demonstrative photos showing each step to charge and use the pen. The manufacturer claims it is the easiest-to-use camera pen, and I admit that it was, having played with other similar products that I have purchased that I found to be greatly inferior.
Of particular note, when compared to some other pens I have used over the years, was the lack of “special” cables, wires, plugs and other accessories. When the pen is unscrewed, there is a USB port, allowing the user to plug the pen directly into a standard USB plug on your computer to both charge the pen and download the files. No special wires and no special software needed.
For those techies who want the tech info:
The iSpyPen Pro comes in three different colors or finishes, making it customizable to the user’s taste or to match situational use, with black and silver. The memory is an internal HD. with memory configurations from 32 GB all the way up to an unbelievable 128GBs! The video is an outstanding 1080p HD resolution stored in standard AVI format. The battery is a state-of-the-art 200mAh Li-ion polymer, high-capacity battery with a life of about 60 to 75 minutes of continuous recording time per session before recharge. The iSpyPen Pro has a time and date stamping feature, which can be hidden if need be. The audio recording quality is very good, but, as with all covert audio-recording devices, placement on one’s person is important, and tests should be done to see where the pen is best-placed in relation to clothing and personal accessories.

-Jim Nanos

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