Hisho SL Track Heated Deluxe Zero Gravity Massage Chair


Experience total body tension melting heated massage in the Hisho by Synca Wellness. The Hisho uses advanced long rail SL-Track massage technology that delivers a superior lower back, glute, and sciatic focused massage while sill delivering the deep tissue relief you need throughout the rest of the back, including your neck and shoulders. Synca does this by carefully engineering the SL Track system to optimize the quality of massage by following the natural curvature of your back and hips from neck to buttocks while continuously delivering massage. This is done by gently curving the frame in at meticulously calculated angles near the neck and lumbar region while extending the frame underneath the seat to reach the glutes. This ensures you receive the largest coverage area of massage possible while also maintaining the highest quality of massage. The Hisho’s full body compression system makes sure that no part of your body is missed, it’s unique high-rise calf airbags even provide massage coverage in the knees. The Hisho’s advanced massage technology and zero gravity therapy will leave you relaxed and feeling like you’re sitting on a cloud, try yours today. Featuring:
- SL Track Massage
- Zero Gravity
- Lumbar Heat
- 6 Auto Courses
- Quad Roller Massage Robot
- Foot Roller + Extendable Legrest (Up to 4.75in Ext)
- 7 Massage Techniques
- Full Body Compression
- High-Rise Calf Massage - Partial Knee Coverage
- Zero Wall - Only Needs 4in to Recline