GlasSkin™ Spatula

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GlasSkin™ Spatula

OMG! Is what you will be saying when you use GlasSkin"s Spatula on your face. Watch all that nasty dirt and build up in your pores LITERALLY OOZE OUT!

GlasSkin's Spatula uses Ultrasonic Vibrations to help massage and loosen pores. The Stainless Steel spatula engineered to provide enough pressure to help you unclog pores and remove any dead skin cells. Significantly reducing the chances of damage and scarring.


Lifting / Lifting mode helps exfoliate the skin. Removing dead skin cells and dirt & oil. Unclogging pores.

Moisturizing / Improve the reach of your moisturizers, serums, or any face creams. Penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, improving the effectiveness of your favorite skincare products.

Cleansing / Ultrasonic vibrations help loosen dirt and oil. The included silicone scrubs with your favorite cleanser gives you that super clean feeling.

Stainless Steel Blade.