Fuse Rec Vertical Vinyl Record Player with Bluetooth

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Fuse Rec Vertical Vinyl Record Player with Bluetooth
Retro Style Record Experience
The Fuse Rec is a premium vertical vinyl audio system that plays on the lines of Mid Century modern design. Its rectangular shape perfectly blends in with stylish geometric shapes. The Vertical vinyl record player can play 45 and 33 rpm records. This player can receive Bluetooth streaming from your smartphone. The Rec also has a back slit to allow you to display your favorite Record Album Covers.

Our Tone Arm
Featuring an Upgraded Audio Technica AT3600L cartridge, the Vert is perfectly balanced and counter weighted tone arm allows for the record to be played in a vertical position without wobbling from side to side. Each tone arm is dynamically adjusted to ensure the tracking force is applied at the correct weight (4g) without damaging your favorite records. This sets a steady sound even when the vinyl has a wobble preventing anti-skating.

Ashtree + MDF
A smooth grained hardwood that has a durable aesthetically beautiful finish. The Ashtree wood veneer is gracefully wrapped around a MDF box. Ashtree complements mid-century modern style to its finest.

Features and Functions
[Design] Vertical vintage yet modern design, Show off your Favorite Records
[Case] Real Handcrafted Ashtree Wood
[Drive] Belt Driven, plays 2 speeds (45 or 33)
[Playback] Bluetooth 4.1 and Vinyl Records
[Arm] Balanced Tone Arm with Audio Technica AT3600L Upgraded Cartridge
[Line Out] Connect your external speakers to this player
[Warranty] 6 Months from Purchase

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