The FluoroSphere - A Fluorescent Light Show with Colorful FluoroGel

The FluoroSphere - A Fluorescent Light Show with Colorful FluoroGel

Show the Glow.  The FluoroSphere is a fluorescent light show that provides a unique and glowing experience with each use.  Fill the FluoroSphere with water and place it on the UV light stand. Add FluoroGel and watch the show develop.  As the water dissolves the RED and/or GREEN FluoroGel it becomes fluorescent and reflects the UV light.  A beautiful light show that is different each time you fill it.  

How it works

The FluoroSphere is based on fluorescence (the property of absorbing light of short wavelength and emitting light of longer wavelength).  As the FluoroGel dissolves into water, it absorbs blue light from the light base and emits a bright yellow-green and/or red light. 

What's included

 > 4-inch round USB-powered light base
 > 6-inch glass orb with silicone stopper and flat bottom
 > 2 x 9ml (RED and GREEN) FluoroGel (Fluorescent concentrate in Mineral Oil)


If FluoroGel has separated, swirl and shake the bottle to mix the FluoroGel solution thoroughly.

Remove the silicone stopper on the glass orb. Fill the glass orb with room-temperature tap water. Leave about a half-inch of space from the opening.  Do not overfill.  Dry outside of glass and place on UV light base.  Plug in the light base and turn it on using the switch on the cord. 
Make the room dark.  Turn off the lights.  The room does not need to be totally dark, and the UV base will illuminate some of the room.  
Gently mix FluoroGel.
Add 5 to 20 drops of FluoroGel to the orb through the top opening.
Watch the show slowly develop. Then, take a picture and share it.     
The FluoroSphere can remain on the light base as a room decoration.

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