Floral Scented Wax Candle Collection

Purple, White, Red

The Floral Candle Collection includes your favorite scents from the garden. Bring the outside fragrance and lush scent of brilliancy to your home. The collection includes three different floral scents. Gardenia captivates the exotic scent of fresh sweetness and spice from a beautiful Summer garden. Rose Petals offers the romantic fragrance of fresh picked roses from a lavish garden. Lavender provides a luxurious combination of sweet, floral, and herbal scents with balsamic undertones. This set of delightful candles in 10oz glass holders with a silver lid are made from the finest paraffin (75%) and soy (25%).


3 Scented Candles (one of each scent)

Burn Time: 55 Hours

75% Paraffin/ 25% Soy

10oz Decorative Glass Jar with Silver Lid

Color: Purple, White, Red

Cotton Wick

Size/ 3.5"x3.5"x4"

Weight/ 3lb