Floating Shoe Display Levitating Sneaker Stand

Floating Shoe Display Levitating Sneaker Stand

Designed to show off your favorite shoes (and other items) to the world. Includes 360 rotating capabilities and built-in LED lamp to showcase every inch of your prized possession and keep it in constant view. Utilizes a strong magnet that you can easily insert into the heel of any shoe to make it float. The built in fan uses a small air hole in order to keep your shoe rotating so it can glide endlessly. The display stand fits up to a size 13 US shoe and comes with everything you need to levitate the shoe of your choice right out of the box!

- Floats & Spins Automatically
- Sneaker Stand Holder
- Carrying capacity is 350-550 gram
- Stand size: 17.3*9.2*2.7 inches
- Inner height: 13.7 inches