Electric String Lights with Soft White Fairy Lights

Soft White

The electric bulb string light with enclosed LED fairy lights creates a trendy atmosphere to your indoor or outdoor décor. Each bulb is enclosed with soft white LED fairy lights with a silver wire. String lights are the perfect accent lighting to a patio, deck, porch, indoor space or party tent.


124" Electric Cord with 10 Bulbs Enclosed with Fairy String Lights and One Replacement Bulb

UL Listed Cord with End to End Connectors

Connect up to 10 Cords

112" Lighted Length

12" Spacing Between Bulbs

Soft White Fairy Lights with Silver Wire

120 Volts, .6 Watts

Weather Resistant

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Size / 124" x 1.5" x 3.5"

Weight / 1lb