Luminanrg Dual Ultrasonic Cream Infuser


The Hot and Cold Ultrasonic Cream Facial Infuser features a design specifically engineered to treat the face and the hard-to-reach eye area. This facial infuser device will visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while increasing the power of your favorite skincare products. BENEFITS:Reduce visible fine lines and wrinklesTriples the skin’s absorption of skincare productsKey ingredients work immediately instead of evaporatingTreat the hard-to-reach eye areaUtilizes low-pulsation sonic waves to open and close poresHot and cold options to open and close poresHow the Facial Infuser WorksBy harnessing the power of the lower-frequency pulsations from gentle sonic waves, the hot and cold facial infuser creates a revolutionary, non-invasive, anti-aging tool that better penetrates and treats the inner layers of skin where skin damage begins. With both a heat and cooling option, it's perfect for opening and closing pores, thereby tripling product absorption and pushing the product into the skin. In this way, key ingredients can work almost immediately instead of evaporating if applied with your fingertips.

In the box: 1 Device , USB charging cabel, Instruction manual.