Dittle - Dice Battle Coffee Table Game


DICE + BATTLE: Tilt and jump dice to get to the other side in this epic new 2 player board game. But it's not that simple! Score points based on the face value of the dice that reach the other side. Highest score wins!

SIMPLE + STRATEGIC: Easier to learn than chess. More strategy than checkers. It's not enough to jump opponents, and get to the other side first. Make the right set of moves so your dice will have the highest face values at the end to win!

AGES 6 - 100: The perfect game to leave out for quick battles with your kids, back and forth wars with the in-laws, or even family game night. Each game takes just 15 minutes to play with endless fun!

COFFEE TABLE DECOR: An interactive conversation piece for the coffee table, patio, or game room. It's classic look, familiar pieces, simple gameplay, & unique strategy will have everyone wanting to get in on the action!

ECO-FRIENDLY - 100% Sustainably Sourced wood from New Zealand. In partnership with Trees for the Future, a 501(c)(3) organization, SWOOC Games will plant a tree for every game (certificate included). Let's protect this playground we call Earth.