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CirC+ Zero Gravity SL Track Heated Massage Chair


The CirC+ by Synca Wellness brings Japanese “Shibui” design into your home, its modern furniture-like design hides the long rail deep tissue robotic massage technology inside in a tasetfully designed exterior. The long rail massage technology ensures you have a relaxing massage from your glutes up to your neck, and unlike other similar if you flip back the head pillow you will receive a deep tissue neck massage that will help melt the stress and tension of the day away. The CirC+ is simple to control using its wireless remote, so you can sit and relax while getting a massage or just using it like a chair. The chair can recline you back into a relaxing zero gravity position thats designed to take the pressure off of your lower back. Featuring:
- Full Size Quad Roller Robot
- Compression Massage
- 3 Auto-Courses
- 5 Targeted Region Massage Courses
- Manually Targetable Massage
- Wireless Controller
- Zero Gravity
- Dual Heaters - Lumbar+Legs
- Long Rail Massage Track - 44in
- Rear Pinch Avoidance Sensor

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