Cellreturn Hair Alpha-Ray Premium LED Device

$1,899.00 $2,700.00
Cellreturn Hair Alpha-Ray Premium LED Device

Imported from South Korea. Estimated Time of Arrival is Within 2 Weeks.

Hair ⍺-RAY, made with CELLRETURN’s exclusive LED module technology, has built-in near-infrared rays and ⍺-LED near-infrared rays for scalp and hair care. CELLRETURN has acquired its own LED module patent for effective wavelength generation and enhancement of the wavelengths. CELLRETURN possesses LED technology that has undergone research development to generate only wavelengths that are effective for the skin as well as penetrate the skin to increase the effects. Download the Cellreturn app for smart diagnostics.

720 LED
- Delivers optimum energy with compound NIR⍺ / NIR / RED effects
Through long-term research and clinical testing, CELLRETURN has achieved an independent LED module patent for the generation and enhancement of the wavelengths most effective for the skin.
CELLRETURN’s use of the finest LED allows safe and close delivery of effective wavelengths deep into the skin.

Customizable Fitting Wing
Instant sizing with automatic fitting when placed on the head, with no control buttons or other complications.

Like New Every Day
Clean product management with automatic 10-minute UV lamp lighting after starting wireless charging.
- UV Lamp can also be used for mood lighting.

"The Cellreturn LED mask, which is the number one skin treatment mask in Korea." - VOGUE