Husky Dog 3D Puzzle Nano Blocks

Husky Dog 3D Puzzle Nano Blocks
Anyone can get a new dog but how many dog lovers have you heard being able to create their own dog?

What we have to offer right here isn't exactly an opportunity to create life. What we do have is something that's quite similar.

Our toy comes with 1900 blocks that one can use to set up and assemble their very own Husky puppy.

Due to the toy's authentic and realistic colors, you'll have an end product of a three-dimensional dog. It'd feel just like looking at the actual thing.

  • Husky sizes:21cm x 9cm x 23cm
  • Your adorable and super-realistic husky dog measures 21cm tall
  • With this amazing Husky Puppy brick set, you can now build your own puppy from scratch.
  • The set comes with 1900 bricks that give the puppy a three-dimensional and authentic look
  • This product conforms with all safety standards.