Bellabeat Ivy Health Tracker & Smart Jewelry

Garden Black

Live a healthier life with Ivy health tracker! Ivy is the only tracker designed and engineered for women, which correlates menstrual cycle data, lifestyle habits, and biometric readings. It reveals a comprehensive and accurate state of your body and mind.


  • Identifies self-care gaps, and suggests improvements
  • Calculates Wellness and Readiness Score
  • Monitors heart rate, cardiac coherence, respiratory rate, activity, and sleep
  • Lightweight, safe for skin, and hypoallergenic
  • All algorithms calibrated to female bodies

Grow stronger mentally and physically
Get a deeper understanding of your body’s wellness and readiness. Recover from the day’s stress, take care of your cycle, and set your activity and mindfulness on track.

By tracking your body’s bio responses overnight, Ivy allows you to get a unique and deep insight into your psychophysical readiness. Understand exactly why you feel how you feel and know what to do to support your recovery and improve.

Living in sync with your cycle
Matching your life with your cycle helps you maximize your self-care efforts and achieve your full potential.

By automatically tracking and correlating your biometric and lifestyle data with the four phases of your hormonal cycle, Ivy helps you to live in sync with your body and tap into your natural strengths.

Boost your confidence
A healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be hard; wear Ivy as any piece of jewelry, feel it raise your confidence and let your inner happiness shine through.Get motivated to hit your daily wellness goals and create simple healthy habits that last for a lifetime. Sleep better, think more positively and handle stressful situations like a queen!