Beach Scented Wax Candle Collection

White, Coral, Blue

The Beach Candle Collection includes three coastal fragrances that bring the refreshing essence of the beach to your home. Ocean Mist offers a perfect blend of fresh squeezed tangerine and orange blossom. Coral Sands is a radiant mix of fresh citrus, sweet florals and a touch vanilla. Sea Salt combines a delightful blend of sea salt, sweet tea and white water blossom.


Included: Three 10oz Scented Candles (one of each scent)

Burn Time: 55 Hours

75% Paraffin/ 25% Soy

10oz Decorative Glass Jar with Silver Lid

Color: White, Coral, Blue

Cotton Wick

Size/ 3.5"x3.5"x4"

Weight/ 3lb

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