BALDR Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Weather Station With 3 Sensors


Every morning, a glance at the LCD display is sufficient to know the ambient temperature & humidity of each location you concerned in real time. The weather station with 3 outdoor sensors provides you with precise information of the current indoor / outdoor temperature and indoor / outdoor humidity and saves the respective maximum and minimum values with arrow trend and comfort level indicator. You can simply monitor utmost 4 rooms/outdoor simultaneously just on one clear screen with backlight.

Four groups of temperature and humidity with max/min records display in one screen
Touch buttons for easy operation
Temperature display in C/F.
Comfort level indicator
White backlight lit up for 20 seconds
Humidity display range: 1%-99%
Indoor temperature display range:-10℃-50.0℃(-50℉-122℉).
Outdoor temperature display range :-20℃-50℃(-4℉-122℉).