BALDR LCD Weather Station With 3 Outdoor Sensors


With three outdoor sensors, this weather station can tell you the real-time temperature and humidity levels of up to four locations in one glance at its elegant colorful LCD screen. It displays precise information on the current indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity levels and records the day’s highs and lows for temperature and humidity. It also shows the weather forecast for the next 12-24 hours of your location based on the local weather data collected. Time, calendar, and alarm features are also built-in for your convenience. Atomic RCC receiving ensures you are always getting the most accurate time. Its big, bright color screen with a backlight makes viewing super easy. The brightness can be adjusted to 100%, 50%, 3%, or “Off,” depending on your preference. This device has a built-in kickstand and hanging slot so that you can put it anywhere you want.

Indoor Outdoor with Temperature Monitor, Humidity Gauge, Thermometer & Hygrometer with 3 Remote sensors, Color Large Display, Atomic Alarm Clock, Ultra Slim, w/Backlight