BALDR Compact Digital Alarm Clock


An Easy To Use Alarm Clock That Won’t Let You Down
Rise and shine with this refreshingly modern Alarm Clock from BALDR. The large and easy to read digits allow you to tell the time from across the room during the day, and our built-in dimmer ensures the bright display won’t distract you at night. Instead, a soft white backlight allows for easy night time viewing with the push of a button. This battery powered digital clock tells the time with split-second precision and our memory feature ensures that you are free from the hassle of having to manually set the time after a power outage.

Clean And Simple
Unlike those other bulky alarm clocks that are powered through AC electrical outlets, our slim & sleek clock is battery operated and won’t overcrowd your nightstand. It will fit comfortably on any bedside table or desk and packs easily into your carry-on bag or backpack when traveling. Setting the time and alarm is so simple and intuitive! Powered by just 2 AA batteries (sold separately), it includes a large and accessible one-touch button that activates the backlight and snooze functions.

Ultra HD LCD Screen - Large Date & Time Display, Bedside Table Clock, Monitor Temperature & Humidity, Battery Operated Travel Alarm Clock

1. Easy to read time and alarm display
2. Select from 12-hour or 24-hour time formats
3. One-touch Alarm & Snooze function
4. Built-in calendar with weekday displays
5. Indoor temperature in degrees Celsius/Fahrenheit
6. Memory function ensures preservation of the time during power failures (2* AA batteries not included)
7. The bright white backlight is highly visible, even in the dark

Dimension: 5.67"L x 1.73"W x 2.32"H (144 x 44 x 59mm)
Net Weight: 190g
Package Weight: 210g
Color: White/Turquoise/Coral Pink
Powered by 2 x AA batteries (Not included)