Avana Uno Adjustable Memory Foam Snuggle Pillow for Side Sleepers


Sleeping on your side is a preferred position by many, but can lead to stiff necks, aching hips, and uncomfortable mornings. Avana has found the perfect solution for these aches and pains with the Uno Side-Sleeping Pillow. The Uno is engineered to provide incredible support for sleeping on your side. The curved top wraps over your shoulder to cradle your head and neck, taking the stress off your upper body and giving you ideal alignment along your spine. The long arm in the front hugs your body, nestling you into a perfect position to sleep well. The lightweight and ergonomic design makes this pillow ideal for long car trips as well as getting cozy in bed. Of course, getting a great night’s sleep is made easier with quality materials, which is a creed that the Avana takes seriously. The Uno Side-Sleeping Pillow utilizes our special memory microfoam technology to provide a soft and snuggly texture that gives support to your head and neck. The lush polyester cover feels irresistible against skin, and it is available in three different colors to coordinate with your favorite sheets.

  • Ergonomically designed memory foam pillow that curves around the body to support head and align neck and shoulders while sleeping
  • Perfect as a side sleeper pillow / snuggle pillow - Stuffed with shredded memory foam micro-cushions to provide unmatched comfort
  • Features plush padded microvelvet cover - supremely soft and both removable and machine-washable
  • Product Measurements: 21” x 30”
  • Proudly Made in the USA. 1 Year Warranty