AmaMedic Yoga Chair

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Dark Brown

Introducing the brand new Amamedic Yoga Chair; designed to provide the healthy lifestyle provided by routine yoga to anyone, regardless of flexibility and back strength. The Yoga Chair stretches and contracts muscles, joints, and vertebrae across the entire body in order to strengthen and rejuvenate the user. Additionally, the chair provides various positions to improve blood flow for a healthier overall lifestyle. The Yoga Chair’s stylish leather exterior, refined steel frame, and cloud-esque cushioning come together to provide a quality experience packaged in a modern design. The Yoga Chair’s main goal is to help rejuvenate and strengthen the body, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look good doing it! Available in a variety of colors, the Yoga Chair suits any household decor style. Colors Include: A classy Sandalwood Brown for traditional designs, a sleek Ashen Grey for the post-modern home, and a stylish Jet Black for everything in between. 9 Automatic Massage Programs

1. Lumbar Stretch: Through the use of gravity, stretch out the vertebrae along the lower back and torso to strengthen and revitalize both muscles and joints.

2. Neutral Relaxation: Align the vertebrae in along an even plane to properly relax without improper posture.

3. Spinal Contraction: Contract the spine, abdomen, and legs to stretch and strengthen muscles & joints that often go overlooked and forgotten.

4. Ankle & Knee Stretch: Through the use of gravity, exercise the joints in your knees and ankles, while simultaneously improving your posture.

5. Posture-Correcting Lounge: This neutral lounging position both improves posture in a comfortable manner, while still allowing you to read a book, watch a movie, or even gaze out the window.

6. Hamstring Stretch: Stretch out your hamstrings while still being able to engage with the work around you in a meaningful way.

7. Enhanced Leg Blood Flow: By elevating your legs above your heart, achieve a healthier state of blood flow than normally experienced. Intuitive Controls

There’s no need to overcomplicate the process, so the Amamedic Yoga Chair includes an intuitive remote control with four handy buttons. The top button allows you to independently control the back of the chair, the next controls the lumbar/glute section of the chair, and the third controls the legs independently. Lastly, holding the HOME button returns the chair back to the inverted ‘V’ position.

8. Enhanced Body Blood Flow: Invert the traditional state of blood flow by resting your shoulders and head below your heart and your legs above it. Used briefly, this position will improve blood flow across the entire body.

9. Spinal Extension: Stretch out the upper body and spine by extending the vertebrae as opposed to the normal contraction.

Additionally, the chair is fully customizable, allowing you to experiment with different positions and combinations to achieve the best results for your particular situation. Convenient Remote Holder
Once you’ve achieved the desired position you may holster the remote along the side of the chair for quick & convenient access whenever you’re ready to reposition again.