AmaMedic AM-4613 Eye Massager


Staring at screens for hours on end can cause tiredness for your eyes and mind, our Amamedic Eye Massager provides the relief you need. Its foldable & lightweight design means it can easily be used anywhere; whether you’re home at the office, give your eyes a well-deserved break with the Amamedic Eye Massager!


- Four Massage Modes
Intelligent Air Pressure and Vibration
10/15/20 Minute Timer
Comfortable Heating
Built in Bluetooth Technology
USB Type-C Rechargeable
180 Degree Portable Design
Adjustable Headband

Four Massage Modes
The Amamedic Eye Massager has a variety of unique massage modes, including Energy Mode, Relax Mode, Relieve Mode, and Sleep Mode. Easily control the air compression, heating, vibration, and length of your massage depending on your needs.

Air Pressure & Vibration
Amamedic’s ear-to-ear design effectively helps your eye muscles to refresh after long-day work or study. The eye massager intelligently senses the necessary air pressure depending on the previously selected mode.

Comfortable Heating
To aid the deep eye massage, the Amamedic Eye Massager employs mild heat (104℉) which relieves muscle tension & eye fatigue quickly and effectively.

Easy to Operate One Button
Intuitively control your eye massager with a single button. Click once to power on, quick taps to cycle through different modes, and a long press to power down.

Built in Bluetooth Technology
With its built-in bluetooth-enabled speaker, you can jam out to your favorite playlists or wind down with calming sounds during your massage.

USB Type-C Rechargeable
Using the included USB Type-C cable, you can quickly and conveniently charge the eye massager when not in use.

180 Degree Portable Design
The lightweight and foldable design allows you to fit your Amamedic Eye Massager nearly anywhere. From purses and desk drawers, to nightstands and carry-ons!

Adjustable Headband
This device is equipped with an adjustable headband for your maximum comfort. Easily adjust the headband for maximum comfort regardless of head shape or size!

Gross Weight: Approx. 1.2 lbs / Net Weight: Approx. 0.7 lbs


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